Floral Getaways 15 Days  is the pleasure of discovering in its own simple or comfortable hotels, the nooks and crannies of the pearl of the Atlantic, thanks to a wide choice of walks and an absolute freedom of movement.

The journey in summary

Floral Getaways 15 Days Program

The pearl of the Atlantic has more than one secret garden to make you discover; to fully appreciate them, nothing is better than absolute freedom of movement. You will have for it a car to go “when you want, where you want”, and a guidebook describing more than forty itineraries! You will be accommodated in hotels spread over 5 distinct places of the island to savor all the diversity. Thus, you can discover the island from east to west


The strong points

  • A wide choice of itineraries for a complete discovery
  • Diversity of place-stage
  • Time flexibility

The program

Day 1 to 5

Standard stay

Day 1 – in case of late arrival: 1 night in Machico hotel residence (in case of arrival in Madeira after 20H00) otherwise:

5 nights in Santana in a rural hotel. The hotel (family) is located in an exceptional setting on a rocky outcrop, very quiet, overlooking gorges with lush vegetation with the ocean as a backdrop; the big peaks are also part of the scenery.

Day 6 to 7

2 nights in Porto Moniz in hotel. Porto Moniz is the northwestern tip of the island; the cozy family hotel is 40 meters from the natural pools (semi-furnished).

Day 8 to 9

2 nights in Jardim do Mar in bed and breakfast. In Jardim do Mar, a small coastal village in the southern part of the island where you can walk. The accommodation is located in absolute calm just a few tens of meters from the ocean.

Day 10 to 11

4 nights in hotel residence in Funchal. The hotel in Funchal is located in a busy street during the day and quiet at night; it’s a simple and unpretentious hotel, but one that has the notorious advantage over many others, of being in the city center and thus allowing everyone to discover Funchal as they see fit. The hotel does not have private parking.

Day 15

Return of the car to the airport.

Available departures

Price per person double bedroom 1277€
Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment

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Practical Details


Departure every day according to availability


At the airport of Funchal.


It is you who define it according to the various possibilities contained in the topo guide. 1 to 7 hours of walking a day.




You will only wear your business of the day.


Be careful when changing accommodation, you will transport your luggage (by car!) From one accommodation to another. Pay attention to the volume of your luggage for the small car category, favor the bag with the suitcase !!


You will use the rental car (included) for travel. You can make your round trips, round trip or even one way (return to the car by taxi or public transport).


Standard formula: Nights in a double room with half-board in hotel and guest rooms, in 4 different places of the island: first 5 nights in Santana (or Sao Roque do Faial) in rural hotel **, 2 nights in Porto Moniz by the sea in a comfortable hotel, 2 nights in Jardim do Mar in bed and breakfast, 2 nights in Funchal in a 2 * hotel.

Comfort formula: Nights in hotels **** well located in 4 different places of the island: 4 nights in Machico or Santa Cruz, 3 nights in Porto Moniz by the sea, 2 nights in Paul do Mar by the sea and 2 nights in Funchal (3 * hotel).


The rental car (type B for 2-3 people type C or D for 4-5 pers basic insurance and unlimited mileage) will be picked up at the airport of Funchal on Day 1 and delivered to the airport. Funchal Day 12. During the stay you will be completely autonomous in the choice and organization of your trips.

You can park easily on the private parking of the hotels whatever the chosen formula.


Involuntary stop in Lisbon

It may be that your flight plan makes a stopover in Lisbon (especially departures province, but sometimes from Paris). If you have more than 3 hours between flights, it may be interesting to visit the city and its old neighborhoods, which are just a few minutes away by city bus. You can find a map of the city at the tourist office of the airport. To get to the city, get information from the tourist office; know that there are buses (Aerobus) every 20 min (3.5 €) or the possibility of taking a taxi if you are 3 people or more.


15 days before your departure, but after receiving the balance of your stay, we will send you a travel bag including: Map, topo, factsheet, labels for your luggage, as well as the contractual documents (invoice, insurance contract).


Get access to our detailed explanations on the type of hike, the accommodation level, or the concept of portage …



1 travel bag or large backpack for "business followers" not exceeding 12 kg.

1 small backpack (30 to 40 l) for the day's business


To adapt according to the season:

1 hat or cap and / or scarf.

1 pair of fine gloves

1 hat

Short-sleeved t-shirts (and / or depending on the season, in long-sleeved sweaters) in breathable material. Quantity: 1 for 2 to 3 days of walking.

1 fleece fur jacket.

1 waterproof and breathable gore-tex windproof jacket with hood.

1 backpack.

1 mountain pants (trekking) water repellent.

1 waterproof and breathable gore-tex overpants (if your budget allows it)

1 shorts

1 swimsuit for any bathing + towel (mask for diving enthusiasts). However, the beaches of Madeira do not lend themselves to idleness or swimming (beaches often made up of sometimes impressive blocks and waves).

1 pair of water shoes (if you want to swim, there are pebbles)

Walking socks (1 pair for 2 to 3 days of walking) Focus on specific wool or hiking socks. Avoid cotton (bulbs).

1 pair of hiking shoes holding ankle and waterproof Vibram soles type. Remember to "test" previously new and unused shoes for a long time.


1 comfortable pants for the evening.

1 pair of very light casual shoes for the evening.


1 large plastic bag to slip into your backpack to protect the contents.

1 pair of sunglasses of excellent quality with side protection.

1 pair of sticks (optional)

1 water bottle (1.5 liter minimum).

1 thermos if you bring tea, coffee ... soup (especially in winter or stays at altitude)

1 hermetic plastic box (volume 0.5 to 0.75 liter approximately) for the picnic.

1 pocket knife type Opinel.

1 box Tuperware type for picnic + cutlery + tumbler

1 small waterproof pouch to put money, identity card, vital card and contract of assistance.


1 towel that dries quickly (useless stay in hotel unless bathing possible).

Ear plugs or Ear plugs (if your neighbor snores!)

Toilet paper + 1 lighter.

sunscreen + labial screen.

1 frontal or flashlight (essential).

1 survival blanket

Camera, binoculars (optional).